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The Largest Selection of Refurbished Ancient Jewelry

About Us

Since 1964, we have collected in a variety of areas from coins and antique weapons to antiquities and tribal art.

Over the years, we became very large buyers at those sales and expanded our buying to include Christie’s, Phillips and Bonhams. In the 70’s, much genuine and important material was in private hands in England and specialty sales were scheduled every few weeks.

Collections such as the Rene Levinge, J F R Winsbury and Sir Cecil Armitage came to market as well as fine items from old family holdings. We bought consistently and were considered valued clients with privileges, such as access to the store rooms and storage for volume shipping extended. Gradually, the supply diminished and market prices rose so that we purchased less. In time, entire departments such as Christie’s Tribal Art, were closed due to a lack of items to sell.

We are now down sizing for our retirement years and selling most of what we purchased. The value and desirability of those items is enhanced by their having been sold through the London Auction Rooms in the 1970’s through early 1990’s.